Cossy Ojiakor continues her efforts to get Halima Abubakar into a public fight

Or how else will you put this, lol. Cossy Ojiakor is doing everything to make fellow actress, Halima Abubakar publicly fight her. She has been calling Halima names now for weeks including calling her a snake. Halima was a year older yesterday, Cossy won’t wish her a happy birthday, but won’t let others wish her in peace.

Uche Elendu had taking to instagram calling Halima her boo and how nice the actress has been to her. Cossy then commented saying, Halima slept with her friend’s husband for many years and even gossiped about the same friend. Do you see why I said, Cossy is looking for every way to get Halima into a public fight? Lol.

Her words after the cut…

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